Geoverse MDM (Massive Data Manager)

Type programvare: LIDAR-prosessering
Plattform: PC
Typiske brukere: Arkeologer, Arkitekter, Entreprenører, Offshore, Forskning

Geoverse MDM is a revolutionary new geospatial software that enables users to visualize, manipulate and interact with point cloud data – regardless of size – without loading times. Geoverse MDM point cloud rendering is based on Euclideon’s revolutionary Unlimited Detail (UD) technology. This technology is able to handle the vast amounts of LiDAR data — which can be produced at rates of up to two million points per second — in a way previously unimaginable on normal computers.

Reasons why customers choose Geoverse

  • Create AutoCAD® drawings in real time using the full resolution of your data. This eliminates the need for exporting shape files from Geoverse MDM and means that users can leverage their existing investment in their design products and take advantage of centrally stored LiDAR repositories streamed over the Internet.
  • DISCLAIMER AND LEGAL INFORMATION Vienna dataset – Courtesy by BEV – Bundesamt für Eich und Vermessungswesen / Stadt Wien MA41 - StadtvermessungCOMBINE DATASETS
  • Overlay your point cloud and image data with other datasets for a better quality assessment of the data.
  • Load dxf files (Unlimited Ortho)LOAD DXF FILES (UnlimitedOrtho)
  • Overlay cadastral boundaries/ seamlines onto orthophotos and for Quality Controls or update of the cadastral boundaries
  • Accurate MeasurementsACCURATE MEASUREMENTS
  • Take measurements at the precision of the data set; –
  • Create AnnotationsCREATE ANNOTATIONS
  • Create annotated presentations with bookmarks and labels; –
  • Central StorageCENTRAL STORAGE
  • Place your data in one place on the network and stream simultaneously to multiple users; no need to copy onto every computer.
  • running a model1000 kilometers awayINTERNET ACCESS
  • Access your data thousends of kilometres away from the central storage (secure Internet streaming) on your computer/ tablet, mobile phone
  • Visualization of gigantic CAD models with an unlimited number of surfaces in real time
  • Support for i9ntensity & ClassificationSUPPORT FOR INTENSITY & CLASSIFICATION
  • Render point clouds using their Intensity and Classification values. Enable/disable classified points in real time without re-processing. Place Intensity and .LAS standard classification data into UDS files
  • Colourize ToolsCOLOURIZE TOOLS
  • Colourize point clouds in real time by using elevation or drawing contour lines at fixed intervals. Every part of the rendering can be controlled, including colours and opacity levels. No off-line processing is required
  • Create ContourlinesCREATE CONTOUR LINES
  • Visualize Contour lines in real time for better interpretation of the data.
  • Overlay Different DatasetsOVERLAY DIFFERENT DATASETS
  • Overlay data onto base maps, including OpenStreetMap and Bing Street, Aerial & Hybrid.


Benefit from our customization service in order to adapt Geoverse to your specific needs (e.g. Database Connection)

Technical requirements for Geoverse View

Minimum System Requirements

Computer Processor (CPU): 32bit 1.5 GHz Computer Memory (RAM): 1 GB Hard Disk (HDD): 1.5gb available space, 5400 rpm Graphics Card (GPU): DirectX 9 Compatible Operating System (OS): Windows Vista®,

Recommended System Requirements

Computer Processor (CPU): 64bit 3.0 GHz Quad Core Computer Memory (RAM): 2 GB Hard Disk (HDD): 2TB 7200 rpm Graphics Card (GPU): DirectX 9 Compatible Operating System (OS): Window 7

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